LifeSaver Vault: Your Ultimate Emergency Medication Kit

In moments of crisis, every second counts. The LifeSaver Vault is your trusted partner, offering immediate access to lifesaving medications and antibiotics, expertly curated by a dedicated team of physicians and clinical pharmacists. Prepare for the unexpected with LifeSaver Vault, where peace of mind meets medical preparedness.

Choose Your LifeSaver Vault: Tailored for Your Needs

The LifeSaver Vault is curated by a team of physicians and clinical pharmacists.

LifeSaver Basic

Your Essential Shield

Starting at



  • Includes: Foundational set of 5 critical antibiotics, with the option to customize further based on your unique needs.

  • Features: Consultations with our medical team and an essential Emergency Medication Guide.

  • Enhance Your Protection: Customize Your Vault

LifeSaver Max

Ready for most emergencies

We’ve got you covered



  • Includes: Everything in Basic, plus a comprehensive range of our most sought-after medications for a wide array of emergencies.*

  • Features: The same unlimited expert consultations and our detailed Emergency Medication Guide.

  • Empower Your Well-being: Medications for Every Scenario

  • Be prepared for anything, from Pneumonia and UTIs to Lyme Disease and Sinus Infections. The LifeSaver Vault Max ensures you're covered for virtually any medical curveball.

Each case is intended as an emergency supply for

A Medical provider must decide whether any prescriptions are medically appropriate for you.

* Does not include EpiPens, Albuterol or gender specific medications. However they can be added for an additional fee.

Customize Your LifeSaver Vault Case for You

Available Add-ons

Customize your LifeSaver Vault with these additional medications to fit your needs.

Each antibiotic kit is intended as an emergency supply for ONE ADULT.


We have negotiated special pricing with our partner pharmacies and pass these savings on to you.

Your consultation with a board-certified physician is included.

Add-On Medication Options *

  • Ventolin HFA (albuterol) (1 inhaler) $49 USD

  • Scopolamine Transdermal Patch (4 patches) $89 USD

  • Diflucan (fluconazole) 200mg (4 tablets) $27 USD

  • Permethrin 5% Cream (1 tube) $49 USD

  • Valtrex (valacyclovir) 500mg (30 tablets) $49 USD

  • Narcan (naloxone) Nasal Spray 1 kit (2 devices) $199 USD

Get Max Protection

When you want to be sure you’re covered for most any medical emergency.

LifeSaver Max

Max includes all our most popular medications in one set. You can rest easy knowing you’re ready for just about any medical emergency that comes your way.


* Does not include EpiPens, Albuterol or gender specific medications. However they can be added for an additional fee.

Are you ready?

In a situation where you're isolated from medical services and therapies…

Worldwide pandemic

Ensure you're ready for any disruptions in the supply chain

Outdoor activities

Prompt treatment of infections is crucial when one is far from civilization.

Natural calamity

Effortlessly ensure you have a reliable stock of essential antibiotics, providing you with comfort and assurance.

Travel overseas

Care practices in other nations might differ from what you're accustomed to.

All individuals ought to have the capability to look after themselves and their family members in unforeseen circumstances.

How It Works

We handle everything from online evaluation to licensed pharmacy medication delivery and ongoing consultation and care.

1. Online Visit

Fill out our simple online form for an evaluation from a board-certified physician.

2. Delivery

Your medication will be sent directly to your home from our pharmacy network.

3. Ongoing Care

Send your physician a message for answers to any treatment related questions.


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